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Name of Officer Code Office Residence e-Mail ID NIC e-Mail ID
Dumka Commissionery
Dr. Pradeep Kumar, I.A.S., Commissioner, Dumka 06434 222286 227191(F) commissionerspdivision@gmail.com
District Level Officers
Sri Rahul Kumar Sinha, I.A.S., Deputy Commissioner, Deoghar 06432 235718 / 232680 232720 / 232967(F) dcdeoghar@gmail.com dc-deo@nic.in
Sri Narendra Kumar, S.P., Deoghar 06432 232733 232777 spdeoghar@jhpoloce.gov.in sp-deo@nic.in
Sri Janmejay Thakur, Deputy Development Commissioner, Deoghar 06432 232344/231675(F) 232246 ddcdeoghar@gmail.com ddc-deo@nic.in
Sri Anjani Kumar Dubey, Additional Collector, Deoghar 06432 232730 238761 acdeoghar2010@gmail.com adc.deoghar-jhr@nic.in
Smt. Indu Rani, Director DRDA, Deoghar 06432 232326 232327 drdadgr@yahoo.com
Sri Sanjay Kr. Singh,Chief Executive Officer, Deoghar Nagar Nigam 06432 232786 232552 deogharmunicipality@yahoo.com
Smt. Indu Rani, Director NEP, Deoghar
Sri Ram Niwas Yadav,I.A.S, S.D.O., Deoghar 06432 232326 232327 sdodeoghar@gmail.com, sdo.deoghar@gmail.com,
Sri Nand Kishore Lal, S.D.O., Madhupur 06438 224482 224561 sdomdp@gmail.com
Sri Dipak Kumar Pandey, SDPO, Deoghar 06432 232384 232284
Sri Birendra Kumar Choudhary,SDPO, Madhupur 06438 224610 224577
Sri Jay Bardhan Kumar, DSSC, Deoghar dsscdeoghar@gmail.com
Sri A.B.Roy, DIO, NIC Deoghar 06432 234189 jhrdeo@nic.in
Sri Pramod Kumar, Addl. DIO, NIC Deoghar  
Dr. Shiv Chandra Jha, Civil Surgeon, Deoghar cs.deoghar@gmail.com
Sri Anil Yadav, Deputy Election Officer, Deoghar 06432 237533 eodeoghar@gmail.com
Sri Praveen Prakash, DSO, Deoghar dso.dgr@gmail.com
Sri Deolal Oraon, N.D.C, Deoghar ndcdeoghar@gmail.com
Sri Nand Kishore Lal, L.R.D.C, Madhupur
Sri Anil Yadav, Dist. Land Acquisition Officer cum L.R.D.C, Deoghar deoghardlao@gmail.com/
Sri Praveen Prakash, Dist. Panchayati Raj Officer, Deoghar deoghardpro@gmail.com
Smt. Indu Rani, Deoghar,Nodal Officer Jharkhand Samadhan
Sri Ravi Roushan, Executive Magistrate cum Treasury Officer Madhupur subtresurymdp@gmail.com
Sri Subodh Kumar Rajhans, Office Superintendent, Deoghar dcdeoghar@gmail.com
Sri Pravin Prakash, Ex. Magistrate(Legal),Deoghar deolegalsec@gmail.com
Sri Kumar Chandra Shekhar, Jail Supritendent, Deoghar sj.deoghar@gmail.com
Sri Rakesh Kumar Tiwary,Dist. Statistical Officer, Deoghar  
Sri Deolal Oraon,Confidential Section Incharge, Deoghar dcdeoghar@gmail.com
Smt. Premlata Murmu, DTO cum General Section Officer Incharge dtodeoghar@gmail.com
Sri Ashok Sharma, Dist. Education Officer, Deoghar rmsa.deoghar@gmail.com
Sri Chattu Vijay Singh, D.S.E, Deoghar deogharssa@rediffmail.com
Sri Rajeev Ranjan Sinha, D.P.O., Deoghar dpodeoghar@gmail.com
Smt. Suman Singh, District Social Welfare Officer, Deoghar dswodeoghar@gmail.com
Sri Ravi Kumar, D.P.R.O. Deoghar 06432 237244/ 237644 dprodeoghar07@gmail.com
Sri Anjani Kumar Dubey, Baba Mandir Officer In-Charge 06432 232295 contact@babadham.org
Sri Umesh Kumar Das, Treasury Officer, Deoghar dgrtreas-jhr@nic.in
Sri Ravi Roushan, Treasury Officer, Madhupur subtreasurymdp@gmail.com  
Sri Sanjay Kumar Mehta, Excise Inspector, Deoghar deogharexcise@gmail.com
Smt. Mamta Priyadarshini , Dist. Forest Officer, Deoghar 06432 232397 dfo.deoghar2@gmail.com
Conservator of Forest, Deoghar conservator.deoghar@gmail.com
Sri Manel Tudu, DFO, Social Forestry, Deoghar dfosfdeo@gmail.com
Sri Satya Narayan Biswas, Dist. Agricultural Officer, Deoghar daodeoghar@gmail.com
Sri P K Sannigrahi,Co-Ordinator Krishi Vigyan Kendra Sujani kvkdeoghar@gmail.com
Sri Shushil Kumar, District Co-operative officer, Deoghar dcocopdeo@yahoo.co.in
ATMA, Deoghar atmadeoghar@rediffmail.com  
Sri Rajesh Kumar, Dist. Mining Officer, Deoghar amodeoghar@gmail.com
Sri Brijbihari Roy, District Welfare Officer, Deoghar weldeo@yahoo.com
Sri Raushan Kumar,Dist. Fishery -cum-Chief Exec. Officer, Deoghar raushan.fish@gmail.com
Sri Kamal Kumar Kujur, Dist. Horticulture Officer, Deoghar
Sri Prabhu Narayan Pandey,Tourism Officer,Deoghar
Sri Awdesh Kumar, Exec. Engineer, RDSD, Deoghar
Sri Vijendra Kumar, Incharge-Exec. Engg.NREP, Deoghar
Sri Arun Singh, Ex. Engr, R.E.O., Deoghar
Sri Prakash Chandra Singh, Dist. Engineer, Zila Parishad, Deoghar
Sri Arun Kumar Mahanta, Dist. Animal Husbandry Officer, Deoghar dahodeoghar@gmail.com
Sri Sanjeev Ranjan, District Dairy Development Officer, Deoghar
Dr. Dilip Kr. Gupta, District Soil Conservation Officer, Deoghar
Sri Ram Kr. Singh, District Soil Conservation Survey Officer, Deoghar
Sri Rajeev Ranjan, District Disaster Management Officer, Deoghar
Sri Dilip Kumar Sharma,General Manager, DIC, Deoghar gmdicdeoghar@gmail.com
Executive Engineer, DWSO, Deoghar
Sri Ram Udgar Mahto, Electrical Superitending Engineer, Deoghar ese_circledeoghar@rediffmail.com
Sri Gopal Prasad Executive Engineer, Electric Supply, Deoghar 292558 eeedivision.deoghar@rediffmail.com
Sri Baleshwar Patel, Sub Registrar, Deoghar reg.deogharsro@gmail.com reg.deo@jharnet.gov.in
Sri Arun Kumar Singh,Executive Engineer, PWD Road, Deoghar
Sri Vijay Narayan Sharma,Executive Engineer, PWD Building, Deoghar
Rakesh Prasad(Asst. Labour Commissioner), Deoghar alc.deoghar@gmail.com
Rajesh Kumar(Labour Superintendent), Deoghar ls.deoghar.jhr@gmail.com
Smt. Runu Mishra,Superintendent,Remand Home, Deoghar
Commercial Tax, Deoghar deogharcircle@yahoo.com  
Sri Amiya Tiwary, Jharnet Zonal Head amiyatiwary@gmail.com
Sri Satyam Prakash, e-District Manager edpm.deoghar@gmail.com edm.deoghar-jhr@nic.in
Sri Mukesh Kumar, DPO-UID dpouiddeoghar@gmail.com
Sri Satyam Prakash, CSC Manager coolsatyamprakash@gmail.com
Sri Santosh Kumar, CSC Manager ersantosh30@gmail.com
Sri Amit Kumar Sinha, Network Engineer, NIC amit98357@gmail.com nfo1.de.jh@nic.in
Sri Jay Bardhan Kumar, C.O., Deoghar codeoghar2017@gmail.com
Sri Rajiv Kumar, C.O., Devipur codevipur2017@gmail.com
Sri Rakesh Kumar Tiwary, C.O., Mohanpur comohanpur2017@gmail.com
Sri Ravi Kumar Ram, C.O., Sarwan cosarwan2017@gmail.com
Sri Karan Satyarthi, C.O., Madhupur comadhupur2017@gmail.com
Sri Dhananjay Pathak , C.O , Sarath
Sri Pankaj Kumar, C.O., Palojori copalojori2017@gmail.com
Sri Amalji, C.O., Karown cokarown2017@gmail.com
Sri Rajnish Kumar, B.D.O, Deoghar bdodeoghar@gmail.com
Sri Kaushal Kumar, B.D.O, Devipur
Sri Vijay Kumar,B.D.O.,Sarwan cosarwan2017@gmail.com
Sri Jai Prakash Narayan B.D.O -cum- C.O., Sonaraithari
Smt Rashmi Singh , B.D.O., Madhupur
Smt. Nisha Kumari Singh, B.D.O , Sarath
Sri Vikash Rai,B.D.O, Palojori
Sri Amal Jee, B.D.O, Karown
Sri John Tudu,B.D.O -cum- C.O., Margomunda
Smt. Suman Singh, CDPO, Deoghar Urban
Smt. Runu Kumari Mishra, CDPO, Deoghar Rural
Smt. Punam Kumari Toppo, CDPO, Mohanpur
Smt. Suman Singh, CDPO, Devipur
Smt. Punam Kumari Toppo, CDPO, Sarwan
Sri Ashutosh Jha, CDPO, Sarath
Smt. Rupam Kumari, CDPO, Madhupur
Smt. Savita Kumari, CDPO, Palojori
Sri Akhilesh Kumar, CDPO, Karown
Sri John Tudu, CDPO, Margomunda
Sri Navin Kumar Sharma, SDPO Head Qtr,Deoghar 06432 222216
Sri Dipak Kumar Prasad, Major
Fire Brigade,Control Room & Police Stations
Control Room, Deoghar 06432 235719 / 275455
Fire Brigade Officer, Deoghar 06432 232260 / 101
Ladies Thana Incharge, Deoghar
Jasidih, Thana
Madhupur Thana 06432 224427
Chitra Thana
Sarath Thana
Palojori Thana
Karon Thana
Mohanpur Thana
Sonaraithari Thana
Kunda Thana
Sarwan Thana
Baba Baidhyanath Mandir, Thana 06432 291348
Wireless Operator,Police Kendra
M.V.I., Deoghar
Deoghar Nagar Nigam
Smt.Manju Kumari,Urban Planner, Deoghar
Smt.Kumari Priyanka,City Manager, Deoghar dhanu_mishra@rediffmail.com
Sri Nilesh Kumar, Deoghar Nagar Nigam kumar.nilesh75@gmail.com
Sri Prakash Kumar, Deoghar Nagar Nigam
Sri Raman Kumar, Deoghar Nagar Nigam
Sri Sudhansu Shekhar, Deoghar Nagar Nigam
Pravin Srivastava, Project Co-ordinater , BASIX pravinchandra.srivastava@
Sri J K Prasad, Director, BIT Mesra bitdeoghar@bitmesra.ac.in  
Sri Manoj Giri, Asst. Registrar, BIT Mesra bitdeoghar@bitmesra.ac.in
Sri Sanjay Kumar, SDE, BSNL, Deoghar 06432 230000 sanjay.krbsnl@yahoo.com
Jilla Suvidha Kendra/Facilitation Center 06432 235719 deogharsamadhan@gmail.com
Sri Arun Kumar Bharti, Exec. Officer, Madhupur Nagar Parishad
LDM (Bank), Deoghar ldmdeoghar.rbo1@sbi.co.in  
Circuit House(Room Reservation)
Officer in Charge(Confidential Section), Deoghar 06432 232967(F) dcdeoghar@gmail.com
Reservation Assistant, Deoghar
Circuit House
Nazarat Dy. Collector, Deoghar
Circuite House, Deoghar Care Taker(6 AM-2 PM)
Circuite House, Deoghar Care Taker(2 PM-10 PM)
New Circuit House
Circuite House, Deoghar Care Taker(6 AM-2 PM)
Circuite House, Deoghar Care Taker(2 PM-10 PM)
Inspection Bunglow
Irrigation Inspection Bunglow, Deoghar 06432 234118

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