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Tourist Attraction

Tapovan is another holy site located at a distance of around 10 km from Babadham. The site houses a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is popularly known as Taponath Mahadeva. Tourists can witness various caves on this hill, which served as a site for penance of Sri Sri Balananda Brahmachari and Sage Valmiki. One of the prime attractions of the site is the cave, which has a Shivalingam enshrined in it. Repeating the history, Sri Sri Mohanananda Brahmachari, one of the disciples of Sri Sri Balananda Brahmachari, also came at the site for penance. In the earlier period, the site was also a meditation spot, called Tapobhumi, for the Nagas. Preserving an inscription of Shri Deo Narayan Pal, the place was a military camp of the Palas during ancient period. Apart from this, a cracked rock at Tapovan is also popular for enshrining a portrait of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god. Tourists can also visit a small cemented Kund, popularly known as Shukta Kund, which is located at the foothills of this site. Further, it is also believed that Goddess Sita used to take bath in the water of this beautiful pond.

Pagla Baba Ashram
It is situated 8 km. away from Tower Chowk on the Jasidih - Rohini road. It was established by Pagla Baba (Late Lilananda Thakur) who belonged to Bangladesh. Here idols of Radha - Krishna are installed. The idols weigh about 6 quintals and are made of eight metals. The Ashram conducts continuous Sankirtan. This ashram is worth visiting.There is a huge fair at this place on the day of Janmastami-(birthday of Lord Krishna).

Devasangha Math
Dev Sangha Math/ Ashram at Deoghar, a divine association was founded by Narendra Nath Brahmachary. It has a number of disciples. It is situated 3 km away from Baidyanath Temple and 2 km from Deoghar railway station. The Nava Durga Temple at Devsangha Math has an idol of Goddess Durga in the Bengali style. There are also images of Krishna, Annapurna and Maheshwara. The temple was constructed in 1955. Beside the temple, a statue of its founder Narendra Nath Brahmachary is also installed. Durga Puja celebration at Devsangha is an important event at Deoghar. Thousands of devotees come every year during this celebration.

Hathi Pahar or Mahadevatari
Hathi Pahar or Mahadevatari: There is a small hillock in the east of Deoghar which is popularly known as Hathipahar or Mahadevatari. The name of Mahadevatari defines that this hillock is beneath the temple of Shiva. From a distance, this hillock looks like an elephant that is why, it is called Hathipahar. There is a small stream of water which flows continuously. People visit this place and drink the river water. The belief is that its water can cure all stomach related diseases.

Rikhiapeeth is situated in a tiny, remote and rural village of Rikhia panchayat, twelve kilometers from the renowned temple town of Deoghar, also known as Baba Baidyanath Dham, in the state of Jharkhand. Undoubtedly the strong spiritual presence of the rishis, enlightened sages, at Rikhia in the past has percolated down to the present day as the place is pure, serene and radiates peace. Its location abounds in divine vibrations as it is the tapobhumi, place of intense spiritual practices and austerities of Swami Satyananda where he performed the Panchagni Vidya, the five fires worship, and other long and arduous Vedic sadhanas or spiritual practices.Rikhia is eternally blessed, as for twenty years it was the abode and tapobhumi of the realized sage and visionary Swami Satyananda who embodied the wisdom, tapasya, austerity, and enlightened understanding of the ancient rishis, and great seers. Paramahansa Satyananda revived the glory of the divine heritage of ancient times by bringing the teachings into a modern context through the medium of Rikhiapeeth, which has developed into a dynamic spiritual epicentre where the cardinal teachings of Swami Sivananda “Serve, Love and Give” are practiced and lived.

Lila Temple
Lila Temple, often called as Arunachal Mission, is located at a distance of around 5 km from Deoghar. Situated towards the east of the destination, the temple was built by Thakur Jayanand Deo, which works towards promoting universal brotherhood. Being the main deity of the ashram, a huge idol of Goddess Kali is enshrined in the premises.


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