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Land Acuisition Office


Adhisuchna-653 Asahana Dated 11.09.17

Adhisuchna-652 Dohari Dated 11.09.17

Adhisuchna-651 Basmata Dated 11.09.17

Adhisuchna-650 Paharpur Sarkanda Dated 11.09.17

Adhisuchna-649 Teteriya Dated 11.09.17

Adhisuchna-647 Mohanpur to Hansdihe Dated 11.09.17

Notification for SIA Short Report of Rikhiya to Mohanpur Road Dated 06.09.17

Adhisuchna-621 Shankari Jasidih Dated 31.08.17

Adhigoshana Thengadiha 569 Dated-21.08.17

Notification for SIA Satsang Bhirkhi bad rd -577 Dt-21.08.17

Notification for SIA Rohani to Dubar gram rd -582 Dt-21.08.17

Notification for SIA Ring Road -578 Dt-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Raghunathpur 571 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Raghuadih 570 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana New Rail Line 565 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Navadih 568 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Mahuadabur 566 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Lerwa 573 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Khaga 562 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Kararsal 563 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana - Jargari567 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana-Farasimal 572 Dated-21.08.17

Adhighoshna-574 Fago Deoghar dated 21.08.17

Adhisuchna-503 Siyajore Deoghar dated 25.07.17

Adhisuchna-502 Mohanpur Deoghar dated 25.07.17

Adhisuchna-501 Madhupur Sarwan dated 25.07.17

Adhisuchna-499 Dhanhet Sarwan dated 25.07.17

Adhisuchna-497 Baramirkhi Madhupur dated 25.07.17

Notification for SIA navadiha- haripur-435 Dt-27.06.17

Notification for SIA Badinathdham & Shankar-437 Dt-27.06.17

Allotment of plots for displaced person Deoghar Airport

Adhighoshna No.425 Dt. 22.06.17 Sagadaha

Adhisuchna-391 Mahajori Karown dated 01.06.17

Adhisuchna-392 Rampur Karown dated 02.06.17

Adhisuchna-385 Karasal Palojori dated 01.06.17

Adhisuchna-389 Thengadih Palojori dated 02.06.17

Adhisuchna-390 Nawadih Palojori dated 02.06.17


SIA of Deoghar- Madhupur Raod letter no 362 dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-369 Fago Madhupur dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-370 Raghuadih Palojori dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-371 Mahudabar dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-372 Jargari dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-373 Lerva dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-374 Khaga dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-375 Farasimal dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-376 Raghunathpurl dated 29.05.17


Adhisuchna-329 Jasidih(Shankari) Kushmaha Raod dated 13.05.17

SIA of Madhupur-Sub Jail no 279 dated 29.04.17

SIA of Madhupur-Fago no 277 dated 29.04.17

SIA of Madhupur-Lahorjori no 132 dated 02.03.17

SIA Sudhipatra no 112 dated 22.02.17

SIA Sudhipatra no 113 dated 22.02.17

Summary of SIA Mdp-Laharjoari

Adhisuchna-559(Shankari) dated 17.12.16

Adhisuchna-560(Sagdaha) dated 17.12.16

Deoghar Bypass Ring Road Notification For SIA

Nonihat Basukinath Notification for SIA

Deoghar Madhupur Notification for SIA

Deoghar Satsang Bhirkhibad Notification For SIA

Adhisuchna-310 dated 28.07.16

Adhisuchna-311 dated 28.07.16

Adhisuchna-312 dated 28.07.16

Sudhi-Patra Adhisuchna-274 dated 27.07.2016

Adhisuchna-IV-30/2013/143 dated 16.04.2016

Adhisuchna-182 dated 15.06.2015

Adhisuchna-307 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-308 dated 09.09.2015

Sudhi-Patra Adhisuchna-308 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-309 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-310 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-311 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-313 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-314 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-315 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-316 dated 09.09.2015

Sudhi-Patra Adhisuchna-316 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-02 dated 09.09.2015

Draft Publication of Rehabilitation-445 dated 12-12-2015

Adhisuchna -12/15-16-21 dated 12.01.2016

Adhisuchna-15/15-16/86 dated 12.03.2016

Adhisuchna-16/15-16/88 dated 12.03.2016

Adhisuchna-17/15-16/89 dated 12.03.2016

Adhisuchna-18/15-16/87 dated 12.03.2016

Nonihat Bagdaha SIA Summary Prakashan

Shudhipatra mauza kushmaha

Adhishuchana New samaharnaly, Mauza Brahmpur

Adhighoshan Solar Power Plant, Mauza Bara

R & R of Mauza-6

Proceeding of R & R, dated 07.03.2017

Solar Power Plant Ordersheet

Order regarding approach road for new collectorate establishment (Mauza-Brahampur)

Adhighoshna-Letter No.574(Kushmaha) dated 28.12.16

Adhighoshna-Letter No.575(Kharara) dated 28.12.16

Adhighoshna-Letter No.558(Daharua) dated 17.12.16

Proceeding on 22.04.16

Proceeding of R & R Committee

Asahana Adhighoshna

Babupur Adhighoshna

Bhitiya Adhighoshna

Katia Adhighoshna

Paharpur Adhighoshna

Singhpur Yogidih Adhighoshna

Adhighoshna-Letter No.236 dated 24.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.237 dated 24.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.238 dated 24.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.255 dated 31.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.256 dated 31.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.257 dated 31.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.258 dated 31.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.449 dated 19.12.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.450 dated 19.12.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.451 dated 19.12.15

Approved Letter no.15, Dated 22.02.2016

Displaced Person List of Moza-Katia, Bhitiya, Paharpur, Babupur, Asahana and Singhpur Yogidih

Moza-Asahana Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt X

Moza-Babupur Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt X

Moza-Bhitiya Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt X

Moza-Katia Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt X

Moza-Paharpur Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt X

Moza-Singhpur Jogidih Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt X

Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt XI

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