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Land Acuisition Office

Gypank No-449 Dated-10.05.18

Adhigoshna No 417 Dated 28.04.18

Adhigoshna No 416 Dated 28.04.18

Adhigoshna No 414 Dated 28.04.18

Adhigoshna No 413 Dated 28.04.18

Adhigoshna No 412 Dated 28.04.18

Adhigoshna No 411 Dated 28.04.18

Adhigoshna No 410 Dated 28.04.18

Adhighoshana No 395 Dated 26.04.18 Mauza Mathura.

Adhigoshna Badiya No 393 Dated 26.04.18

Adhigoshna No 392 Dated 26.04.18

Adhigoshna Udaypur No 391 Dated 26.04.2018

Adhighoshna Kitaplang, 396 Dated 26.04.2018

Adhighoshna Tilona 397 Dated 26.04.18

Adhigoshna Navidih 400 Dated 26.04.18

Adhigoshna Roshan 399 Dated 26.04.18

Adhighoshna Gariya 398 Dated 26.04.18

Adhisuchana No 385 Dated 25.04.18 Khapchuwa, Mohanpur

Adhisuchana No 386 Dated 25.04.18 Tarabad, Mohanpur

Adhisuchana No-229 Dated 15.03.18.pdf

Adhisuchana No-335 Dated-09.04.18

Gypank No-01 Dated-03.03.18

Notatificatation 228 Dated-15.03.2018

Notatificatation 59 Dated-15.03.2018

Notification Khariadi 143 dated 13.02.18

Notification Futabandh 162 dated 19.02.18

Jiyapani adhighoshna 161 dated 19.02.18

Bhagawanpur notification 160 dated 19.02.18

Araji Buturuadih Notification No. 119 Dt. 06.02.18

Mansaray Kuruva Notification No. 118 Dt. 06.02.18

Kaniyari Pokhar Notification No. 117 Dt. 06.02.18

Khapchua Navakurua Notification No. 116 Dt. 06.02.18

Buturudih Notification No. 115 Dt. 06.02.18

Ghuthiya Dundiya Letter No. 112 Dated 06.02.18

Barasatighat Notification No. 111 Dt. 06.02.18

Bajarmarua Shudhipatr No. 98 Dt. 03.02.18

Notatificatation No- 96 Dated-02.02.18

Notification-93 Dated-30.01.18

Notatificatation No-92 Dated-30.01.18

Notatification No-91 Dated-30.01.18

Notatification No-90 Dated-30.01.18

Notification-89 Dated-30.01.18

Notificatation No- 85 Dated-29.01.18

Notificatation No- 84 Dated-29.01.18

Notificatation No- 83 Dated-29.01.18

Notificatation No- 82 Dated-29.01.18

Notificatation No- 77 Dated-27.01.18

Notificatation No- 76 Dated-27.01.18

Notificatation No- 75 Dated-27.01.18

Notificatation No- 68 Dated-19.01.18

Notificatation No-67 Dated-19.01.18

Notificatation No-65 Dated-19.01.18

Notificatation No-61 Dated-17.01.18

Notificatation No- 60 Dated-17.01.18

Notification -57 Dated-17.01.18

Notification -56 Dated-17.01.18

Notification -55 Dated-17.01..18

Notification-54 Dated-17.01.18

Notificatation No. 47 Dated-15.01.18

Notification No. 36 Dated- 08.01.2018

Notification No. 35 Dated- 08-01-2018

Notification No. 34 Dated- 08.1.2018

Notification No. 33 Dated- 08.01.2018

Notification No. 32 Dated- 08.01.2018

Notification No. 31 Dated-08.01.2018

Notification No. 30 Dated- 08.01.2018

Notification-27 Dated-06.01.2018

Notification-26 Dated-06.01.2018

Notification-25 Dated-06.01.2018

Notification No-24 Dated-05.01.2018

Adhisuchana No.22 Dated-04.01.2018

Adhisuchana No. 20 Dated-04.01.2018

Notification No. 10 Dated-01.01.2018

Notification No. 13 Dated- 01.01.2018

Notification No. 14 Dated- 01.01.2018

Notification No. 15 Dated- 01.01.2018

Notification for SIA Rikhia to Mohanpur rd -06 Dt-1.1.18

Notification for SIA Chitra to sarsa rd -04 Dt-1.1.18

Notification for SIA khaga-futani chawk-mahapur path-02 Dt-1.1.18

Adhisuchana-07 Dated-01.01.2018

Adhisuchana No. 08 Dated-01.01.2018

Adhisuchana No.987, Village-Bhoktadih Dated-30.12.17

Adhisuchana No.986, Village-BhouraJamua Dated-30.12.17

Adhisuchana No.985, Village-Sarasani Dated-30.12.17

Adhisuchana No.984, Village-Gadhiya Dated-30.12.17

Adhisuchana No.983, Village-TulsiDabar Dated-30.12.17

Adhisuchana No.982, Village-Picharibade Dated-30.12.17

Adhisuchana No. 964 Dated-16.12.17 Dardmara

Adhisuchana No. 955 Dated-15.12.17 Madhupur

Adhisuchana No. 952 Dated-15.12.17 Charkiphari

Adhisuchana No. 951 Dated-14.12.17 Bandha Kendua

Adhisuchana No. 943 Dated-13.12.17

Notification for SIA Rikhia to Dardmara rd -941 Dt-13.12.17

Notification for SIA Deoghar collectorate to Kumetha rd -939 Dt-13.12.17

Notification for ROB Construction near Madhupur station-937 dated-13-12-2017

Adhisuchana No. 934 Mouja-Gidhapathar Dated-12.12.17

Adhisuchana No. 926 Mouja-Nawadih Dated-11.12.17

Adhisuchana No. 925 Mouja-KokaraJori Dated-11.12.17

Adhisuchana No. 924 Mouja-Harkatta Dated-11.12.17

Adhisuchana No. 918 Mouja-Wadhiya Dated-09.12.17

Adhisuchana No. 917 Mouja-Mohanpur Dated-09.12.17

Adhisuchana No. 916 Mouja-Dhamana Dated- 09.12.17

Adhisuchana No. 915 Mouja-Patwawade Dated-09.12.17

Adhisuchana No 913 Mouja-Latwediya Dated-8.12.17

Adhisuchana No 912 Mouja-KushmahaDated-8.12.17

Adhisuchana No. 910 Mouja- ChotaDhowana Dated-8.12.17

Adhighoshna No. 906 Dorahi

Adhighoshna No.905 Tetariya

Adhighoshna No. 904 Asahana

Adhighoshna No. 903 Basmata

Adhighoshna No. 902 Paharpur Sarkanda

Letter No. 892 Dated-01.12.17

Letter No. 893 Dated-01.12.17

letter No. 894 Dated-01.12.17

Letter No. 895 Dated-01.12.17

Notification No. 43 S.I.A of Deoghar Sarmaralay to Kumaitha

Notification No. 50 of S.I.A Dhiva to Karo

Notification No. 51 S.I.A of Rikhiya Asram to Bihar Border

Notification No. 52 S.I.A of Chitra to Sarsa

Notification No. 53 of S.I.A ROB Madhupur

Letter No- 910, Dt-23.11.2017 (Publication)

Notification No-860 Mouja-Dumariya

Notification No-861 Mouja-Tilona

Notification No -862 Mouja-Mohanpur

Notification No-863 Mouja-Kitapalag

Notification No-864 Mouja-Lutiyatari

Notification No-865 Mouja-Ratanpur

Notification No-866 Mouja-Jiyapani

Notification No-867 Mouja-Barsatiya

Notification No-868 Mouja-Kolhdiyaha

Notification No-869 Mouja-Basuadih

Notification No.872 S.I.A OF Khaga Phutani

Notification No-874 Mouja-Nawadih

Notification No-875 Mouja-Rohani

SIA Report Rohini to Tabugram No. 823 Dt. 10.11.17

SIA Reports Mohanpur Hasdih No. 821 Dt. 10.11.17

Shudhipatr Nonihat No. 820 Dt. 10.11.17

SIA Report Manikpur to Dard No. 818 Dt. 10.11.17





Baratand Letter No. 805 Dated-03.11.17

Bajarmuraua Letter No. 804 Dated-03.11.17

BaghaPathar Letter No. 803 Dated-03.11.2017

Baswariya Letter No. 802 Dated-03.11.2017

Bela Letter No. 801 Dated-03.11.17

gouripur Letter No. 800 Dated-03.11.17

jalathar Letter No. 799 Dated-03.11.17

Khajuriya letter No. 798 Dated-03.11.17

Short Report of SIA Navadiha Haripur No. 796, Dated-02.11.2017

Revise Allotment of plots for displaced person Deoghar Airport

short report No. 764 Dated-13.10.2017

Proceeding Loksunvai Rob Satsang Deoghar

Adhisuchna-653 Asahana Dated 11.09.17

Adhisuchna-652 Dohari Dated 11.09.17

Adhisuchna-651 Basmata Dated 11.09.17

Adhisuchna-650 Paharpur Sarkanda Dated 11.09.17

Adhisuchna-649 Teteriya Dated 11.09.17

Adhisuchna-647 Mohanpur to Hansdihe Dated 11.09.17

Notification for SIA Short Report of Rikhiya to Mohanpur Road Dated 06.09.17

Adhisuchna-621 Shankari Jasidih Dated 31.08.17

Adhigoshana Thengadiha 569 Dated-21.08.17

Notification for SIA Satsang Bhirkhi bad rd -577 Dt-21.08.17

Notification for SIA Rohani to Dubar gram rd -582 Dt-21.08.17

Notification for SIA Ring Road -578 Dt-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Raghunathpur 571 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Raghuadih 570 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana New Rail Line 565 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Navadih 568 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Mahuadabur 566 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Lerwa 573 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Khaga 562 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana Kararsal 563 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana - Jargari567 Dated-21.08.17

Adhigoshana-Farasimal 572 Dated-21.08.17

Adhighoshna-574 Fago Deoghar dated 21.08.17

Adhisuchna-503 Siyajore Deoghar dated 25.07.17

Adhisuchna-502 Mohanpur Deoghar dated 25.07.17

Adhisuchna-501 Madhupur Sarwan dated 25.07.17

Adhisuchna-499 Dhanhet Sarwan dated 25.07.17

Adhisuchna-497 Baramirkhi Madhupur dated 25.07.17

Notification for SIA navadiha- haripur-435 Dt-27.06.17

Notification for SIA Badinathdham & Shankar-437 Dt-27.06.17

Allotment of plots for displaced person Deoghar Airport

Adhighoshna No.425 Dt. 22.06.17 Sagadaha

Adhisuchna-391 Mahajori Karown dated 01.06.17

Adhisuchna-392 Rampur Karown dated 02.06.17

Adhisuchna-385 Karasal Palojori dated 01.06.17

Adhisuchna-389 Thengadih Palojori dated 02.06.17

Adhisuchna-390 Nawadih Palojori dated 02.06.17


SIA of Deoghar- Madhupur Raod letter no 362 dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-369 Fago Madhupur dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-370 Raghuadih Palojori dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-371 Mahudabar dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-372 Jargari dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-373 Lerva dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-374 Khaga dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-375 Farasimal dated 29.05.17

Adhisuchna-376 Raghunathpurl dated 29.05.17


Adhisuchna-329 Jasidih(Shankari) Kushmaha Raod dated 13.05.17

SIA of Madhupur-Sub Jail no 279 dated 29.04.17

SIA of Madhupur-Fago no 277 dated 29.04.17

SIA of Madhupur-Lahorjori no 132 dated 02.03.17

SIA Sudhipatra no 112 dated 22.02.17

SIA Sudhipatra no 113 dated 22.02.17

Summary of SIA Mdp-Laharjoari

Adhisuchna-559(Shankari) dated 17.12.16

Adhisuchna-560(Sagdaha) dated 17.12.16

Deoghar Bypass Ring Road Notification For SIA

Nonihat Basukinath Notification for SIA

Deoghar Madhupur Notification for SIA

Deoghar Satsang Bhirkhibad Notification For SIA

Adhisuchna-310 dated 28.07.16

Adhisuchna-311 dated 28.07.16

Adhisuchna-312 dated 28.07.16

Sudhi-Patra Adhisuchna-274 dated 27.07.2016

Adhisuchna-IV-30/2013/143 dated 16.04.2016

Adhisuchna-182 dated 15.06.2015

Adhisuchna-307 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-308 dated 09.09.2015

Sudhi-Patra Adhisuchna-308 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-309 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-310 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-311 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-313 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-314 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-315 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-316 dated 09.09.2015

Sudhi-Patra Adhisuchna-316 dated 09.09.2015

Adhisuchna-02 dated 09.09.2015

Draft Publication of Rehabilitation-445 dated 12-12-2015

Adhisuchna -12/15-16-21 dated 12.01.2016

Adhisuchna-15/15-16/86 dated 12.03.2016

Adhisuchna-16/15-16/88 dated 12.03.2016

Adhisuchna-17/15-16/89 dated 12.03.2016

Adhisuchna-18/15-16/87 dated 12.03.2016

Nonihat Bagdaha SIA Summary Prakashan

Shudhipatra mauza kushmaha

Adhishuchana New samaharnaly, Mauza Brahmpur

Adhighoshan Solar Power Plant, Mauza Bara

R & R of Mauza-6

Proceeding of R & R, dated 07.03.2017

Solar Power Plant Ordersheet

Order regarding approach road for new collectorate establishment (Mauza-Brahampur)

Adhighoshna-Letter No.574(Kushmaha) dated 28.12.16

Adhighoshna-Letter No.575(Kharara) dated 28.12.16

Adhighoshna-Letter No.558(Daharua) dated 17.12.16

Proceeding on 22.04.16

Proceeding of R & R Committee

Asahana Adhighoshna

Babupur Adhighoshna

Bhitiya Adhighoshna

Katia Adhighoshna

Paharpur Adhighoshna

Singhpur Yogidih Adhighoshna

Adhighoshna-Letter No.236 dated 24.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.237 dated 24.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.238 dated 24.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.255 dated 31.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.256 dated 31.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.257 dated 31.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.258 dated 31.07.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.449 dated 19.12.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.450 dated 19.12.15

Adhighoshna-Letter No.451 dated 19.12.15

Approved Letter no.15, Dated 22.02.2016

Displaced Person List of Moza-Katia, Bhitiya, Paharpur, Babupur, Asahana and Singhpur Yogidih

Moza-Asahana Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt X

Moza-Babupur Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt X

Moza-Bhitiya Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt X

Moza-Katia Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt X

Moza-Paharpur Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt X

Moza-Singhpur Jogidih Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt X

Rehabilitation And Resettlement Formt XI

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