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Shri Rahul Kumar Sinha(IAS),DC cum DEO,Deoghar
A man without a vote is a man without protection that's why voting is your right and right emerges from the freedom you have. Your freedom is protected, promoted and perpetuated by our democratic ethics and democratic set up can survive and attain good health and vibrancy, only if you vote. So, ultimately you are voting for your own sake for securing your own social, economic and political rights as well as freedom at first step and contributing to the nation at the same time.
Voting especially on propositions and local initiatives is an opportunity to reduce inequality and improve life for all people.
Affidavit of Mayor

Rita Chourasiya(1st)

Rita Chourasiya(2nd)

Anita Choudhary

Chanda Kumari

Kanchan Mala(1st)

Kanchan Mala(2nd)

Mamta Devi

Savitri Devi(1st)

Savitri Devi(2nd)

Rita Narone(1st)

Rita Narone(2nd)

Manju Devi(1st)

Manju Devi(2nd)

Rita Raj

Affidavit of Ward Commissioner
Ward. 1 Dilip Ram(1st)
Dilip Ram(2nd)
Shekhar Prasad Raut(1st)
Shekhar Prasad Raut(2nd)
Amit Kumar(1st)
Amit Kumar(2nd)
Amit Kumar Ram
Pramod Kumar Choudhary(1st)
Pramod Kumar Choudhary(2nd)
Afsar Aalam
Ramkrishna Prasad
Baleshwar Barnwal
Ashish Ramani
Anil Kumar Ram
Pawan Kumar Barnwal
Kailash Ram
Nishu Devi
Sangeeta Devi
Binay Kumar
Ward. 2 Kanhaiya Dubey
Mukesh Kumar Pathak
Santosh Kumar Rawani(1st)
Santosh Kumar Rawani(2nd)
Rahul Kumar Singh
Kumar Prashant(1st)
Kumar Prashant(2nd)
Uday Kumar Das
Naveen Kumar Das(1st)
Naveen Kumar Das(2nd)
Ward. 3 Rita Chourasiya
Ward. 4 Sudhir Kumar Das
Pankaj Paswan
Rajendra Das(1st)
Rajendra Das(2nd)
Puran Mehra
Kashi Nath Das
Santosh Das(1st)
Santosh Das(2nd)
Ashok Paswan
Ward. 5 Baleshwar Pandit
Ashish Kumar Pandit
Nitesh Kumar Pandit
Devendra Kumar Yadav
Prakash Chandra Yadav
Lalu Prasad Yadav
Ram Prasad Pandit
Mahesh Kumar Rao(1st)
Mahesh Kumar Rao(2nd)
Rajendra Kumar Yadav
Ram Prasad Yadav
Devendra Kumar Yadav
Sanjay Kumar Gupta
Ganesh Pandit(1st)
Ganesh Pandit(2nd)
Ward. 6 Parvati Devi
Rashmi Dubey
Chandrshekhar Prasad Roy(1st)
Chandrshekhar Prasad Roy(2nd)
Sanjay Roy
Dipnarayan Napit(1st)
Dipnarayan Napit(2nd)
Dinesh Mahra
Naresh Das
Rajan Singh(1st)
Rajan Singh(2nd)
Amit Kumar
Rajesh Kumar Das(1st)
Rajesh Kumar Das(2nd)
Chandramohan Pandit
Akleshwar Pandit
Ward. 7 Dolly Devi(1st)
Dolly Devi(2nd)
Poonam Kumari
Sheela Devi(1st)
Sheela Devi(2nd)
Savita Devi(1st)
Savita Devi(2nd)
Ward. 8 Sanjeev Kumar
Bashishtha Narayan Suman
Meena Singh(1st)
Meena Singh(2nd)
Sunit Anand
Sanjay Malviya(1st)
Sanjay Malviya(2nd)
Binod Mahtha
Rajesh Kumar Choudhary
Ward. 9 Sulochna Rani
Meena Devi(1st)
Meena Devi(2nd)
Rita Kumari
Nutan Devi
Rajni Kumari
Kulsum Bibi(1st)
Kulsum Bibi(2nd)
Devki Devi
Reshma Khatun(1st)
Reshma Khatun(2nd)
Sahnaz Parvin
Shanti Kumari(1st)
Shanti Kumari(2nd)
Deo Shree
Benurani Saha
Bibi Sharmili(1st)
Bibi Sharmili(2nd)
Meena Devi(1st)
Meena Devi(2nd)
Ward. 10 Rinki Devi
Dipawati Devi
Savita Devi(1st)
Savita Devi(2nd)
Seema Devi
Savitri Devi
Chanda Kumari
Nira Devi
Sunita Devi
Geeta Devi
Ward. 11 Naressh Kumar Verma
Rajkumar Baranwal
Mukesh Verma
Premanand Verma
Anil Verma(1st)
Anil Verma(2nd)
Anil Yadav
Manoj Kumar
Satyendra Kumar
Ashok Verma Chandravanshi
Satyajeet Kumar(1st)
Satyajeet Kumar(2nd)
Rakesh Kumar Singh
Ward. 12 Premlata Devi
Lalita Baranwal
Nitu Sinha(1st)
Nitu Sinha(2nd
Neha Sinha(1st)
Neha Sinha(2nd)
Dolly Kumari
Bano Khatun
Chanda Sinha
Ward. 13 Ajay Kumar Santoshi
Nitu Kumari
Babita Rao Patel
Pradeep Rout(1st)
Pradeep Rout(2nd)
Vijay Kumar
Kajal Kumar Singh
Prasant Kumar Sah
Anant Rout
Nitish Kumar
Suman Ranjan(1st)
Suman Ranjan(2nd)
Mukesh Kumar(1st)
Mukesh Kumar(2nd)
Mritunjay Kumar(1st)
Mritunjay Kumar(2nd)
Ajit Kumar Santoshi
Ward. 14 Bharti Devi
Suneyna Devi(1st)
Suneyna Devi(2nd)
Sangita Sah(1st)
Sangita Sah(2nd)
Prity Singh
Bandana Devi
Manorma Singh
Ward. 15 Kumari Aprna
Sanju Devi
Puja Kumari(1st)
Puja Kumari(2nd)
Khusbu Kumari
Kumari Sarita
Ward. 16 Minakshi Devi(1st)
Minakshi Devi(2nd)
Maya Devi
Madhumati Devi
Ward. 17 Manju Devi(1st)
Manju Devi(2nd)
Bharti Devi
Dulari Devi
Baby Devi(1st)
Baby Devi(2nd)
Manju Devi(1st)
Manju Devi(2nd)
Choti Devi(1st)
Choti Devi(2nd)
Renu Kumari(1st)
Renu Kumari(2nd)
Ward. 18 Vikash Mathpati
Umesh Chandra Jha
Saileja Devi
Pravin Narone
Uday Shanakr Mishra
Sanjay Kant(1st)
Sanjay Kant(2nd)
Ward. 19 Mukesh Choudhary
Sanjay Kumar(1st)
Sanjay Kumar(2nd)
Sudhakar Suman Jha
Balkrishna Keshri(1st)
Balkrishna keshri(2nd)
Hanuman Prasad Keshri
Gulab Misra
Aditya Kumar(1st)
Aditya Kumar(2nd)
Kalpana Devi(1st)
Kalpana Devi(2nd)
Sanjay Kumar Singh(1st)
Sanjay Kumar Singh(2nd)
Anand Kumar
Bhero Kumar Jaiswal
Gyanishankar Jha(1st)
Gyanishankar Jha(2nd)
Ward. 20 Sita Kumari Devi(1st)
Sita Kumari Devi(2nd)
Renu Saraf(1st)
Renu Saraf(2nd)
Rekha Keshri(1st)
Rekha Keshri(2nd)
Sikha Devi
Rakhi Keshri
Chandni Choudhary
Radha Keshri
Puja Kumari(1st)
Puja Kumari(2nd)
Ward. 21 Prity Kashyap
Subh Laxmi Devi
Shivani Devi
Sandhya Devi(1st)
Sandhya Devi(2nd)
Shalu Mishra
Ward. 22 Niraj Kumar
Mukut Narayan Purohi
Suraj Kumar Jha
Amit Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Jha
Sureshanand Jha
Manoj Kumar Jajware
Ashish Kumar
Ward. 23 Purnima Devi(1st)
Purnima Devi(2nd)
Nitu Devi
Chanda Jha
Damyanti Devi
Punam Kumari
Ward. 24 Sharu Raut(1st)
Sharu Raut(2nd)
Hiralal Yadav
Pawan Raut(1st)
Pawan Raut(2nd)
Rajesh Kumar Yadav(1st)
Rajesh Kumar Yadav(2nd)
Pankaj Kumar Raut(1st)
Pankaj Kumar Raut(2nd)
Dinesh Kumar Yadav
Rajiv Kant Raut(1st)
Rajiv Kant Raut(2nd)
Ward. 25 Priyanka Singh
Rojar Binni(1st)
Rojar Binni(2nd)
Sabita Devi
Kunti Singh
Shanti Devi
Guddi Devi
Mosam Devi
Sushila Devi
Ward. 26 Guddu Mahtha
Kumar Vikash(1st)
Kumar Vikash(2nd)
Shiv Mahtha
Lakhan Das
Dasrath Das
Umashankar Das
Sudhir Pasi
Arun Mahtha

Ward. 27 Dhruva Shah
Puja Devi
Bihari Mahto
Kavita Devi
Dindayal Barnwal
Babita Kumari
Prakash Poddar
Sunil Kumar
Ward. 28 Laxman Jha
Prashant Kumar
Bina Pande
Amit Kumar
Ravi Kumar Raut
Mithun Thakur
Goutam Ghosal
Niranjan Kumar Singh
Rani Devi
Sriram Singh
Jayshankar Choudhary
Santosh Raut
Mamta Devi
Rinku Kumari
Ashok Pandey
Sitaram Sah
Rajesh Kumar Tiwary
Ward. 29 Soni Devi
Anita Devi
Reena Keshri
Nirmala Devi
Manisha Devi
Rubi Gupta
Sunanda Devi
Ward. 30 Ashutosh Jha
Kanchan Kumar Singh
Mantu Ram
Gopi Kumar Gupta
Raja Sahni
Amarnath Shah
Goutam Banerjee
Ravi Ranjan Jha
Radha Devi Vayas
Mithilesh Charan Mishra
Hiralal Keshri
Ward. 31 Sunita Kumari Mandal
Sunita Devi
Madhuri Devi
Rekha Gupta
Ward. 32 Tabbasum Ara
Mamta Devi
Devi Kumari
Sweta Sharma
Anupama Sharma
Beena Mundra
Gita Sharma
Ward. 33 Ranju Devi
Asha Devi
Rani Devi
Sabita Devi
Soni Kumari
Babita Devi
Shanti Devi
Nitu Devi
Nandini Devi
Rani Devi
Baby Devi
Kusum Devi
Punam Devi
Ward. 34 Radheshyam Yadav(1st)
Radheshyam Yadav(2nd)
Amar Kumar
Kameshwar Thakur
Kamdev Mandal
Arvind Kumar Mandal
Chedan Mandal
Triloki Mandal
Subhash Kumar Rana
Niranjan Rana
Ram Kishun Mandal
Asgar Ansari
Basir Ansari
Balram Mandal
Darbari Mandal
Pintu Mandal
Ward. 35 Satyabhama Devi
Sumitra Devi
Premlata Devi
Uma Devi
Sima Kumari
Musrina Begum
Onkar Devi
Punam Devi
Yasodha Devi
Mamta Devi
Rita Devi
Ward. 36 Prabhunath Giri
Govind Yadav
Manish Kumar
Choti Das
Sujit Kumar
Prem Kumar Rout
Kartick Yadav
Uttam Kumar Sahi
Mohan Raut
Ajit Raut
Ramanuj Singh
Angrej Das
Deepak Kumar Jaishwal
Kashinath Vyas
Ashok Kumar Das
Basuki Turi

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