Expenditure List of candidates from 14-Sarath

Expenditure List of candidates from 14-Sarath
Serial No Name of Candidate First Expenditure Report Second Expenditure Report Third Expenditure Report Abstract Reprot Scrutiny Report Summary Report
1 ASHOK KUMAR MANDAL Download(2136 KB) Download(179 KB) Download(350 KB) Download(8 MB) Download(1 MB) Download(923 KB)
2 BINOD THAKUR Download(1079 KB) Download(152 KB) Download(8 MB) Download(1 MB)
3 FIROJ MIYA Download(1055 KB) Download(1055 KB) Download(348 KB) Download(7 MB) Download(1 MB)
4 GIRISH KUMAR MISHRA Download(1841 KB) Download(156 KB) Download(327 KB) Download(7.94 MB) Download(1 MB)
5 GODAWARI MANDAL Download(604 KB) Download(149 KB) Download(315 KB) Download(8 MB) Download(1 MB)
6 KUMAR RAJEEV MANDAL Download(1406 KB) Download(376 KB) Download(7.39 MB) Download(1 MB)
7 MEMLESHWAR PRASAD SINGH Download(623 KB) Download(357 KB) Download(7.96 MB) Download(1 MB)
8 PARIMAL KUMAR SINGH Download(4325 KB) Download(868 KB) Download(364 KB) Download(8.8 MB) Download(1.1 MB)
9 PINKI KUMARI Download(2491 KB) Download(337 KB) Download(8.12 MB) Download(1 MB)
10 RANDHIR KUMAR SINGH Download(7500 KB) Download(562 KB) Download(367 KB) Download(7.66 MB) Download(1 MB)
11 RANJIT KUMAR PANDIT Download(1414 KB) Download(175 KB) Download(344 KB) Download(8.01 MB) Download(1 MB)
12 SHABBIR HUSSAIN Download(1239 KB) Download(189 KB) Download(341 KB) Download(7 MB)/a> Download(1 MB)
13 SHIBESHWAR BESRA Download(684 KB) Download(199 KB) Download(329 KB) Download(7.5 MB) Download(1 MB)
14 SIRAJUDDIN ANSARI Download(1090 KB) Download(189 KB) Download(392 KB) Download(8 MB) Download(1 MB)
15 UDAY SHANKAR SINGH Download(7392 KB) Download(756 KB) Download(348 KB) Download(8.36 MB) Download(1 MB)
16 UPENDER NATH MANDAL Download(2385 KB) Download(181 KB) Download(375 KB) Download(7.52 MB) Download(1 MB)
17 NIRANJAN HAZRA Download(179 KB) Download(299 KB) Download(8 MB) Download(1.1 MB)
18 MUKESH HAZARI Download(629 KB) Download(448 KB) Download(8.32 MB) Download(1.1 MB)
19 SUKUMAR MANDAL Download(597 KB) Download(381 KB) Download(7.89 MB) Download(1 MB)
20 MUMTAJ ANSARI Download(1332 KB) Download(343 KB) Download(8.14 MB) Download(1.1 MB)
21 ISRAEL ANSARI Download(295 KB) Download(9.42 MB) Download(1.1 MB)