Deoghar Collectorate

DC Office

The overall administrative supervision and responsibility of the district remains with the Deputy Commissioner of the district. Thus the Deputy Commissioner is to be helped by a gazetted Superintendent of Excise for the administration of excise affairs in the district, a Superintendent of Police for running the police administration, a District Sub- Registrar for the registration of documents, a Superintendent of Jail for running the day-to-day jail administration, a Senior Executive Medical Officer (Civil Surgeon) to run the health administration in the district, Executive Magistrates who are magistrates of various ranks for doing the executive part of the administration and also to work as judicial magistrates disposing of criminal cases. There are also Revenue Officers and as such designated as Deputy Collectors. It is the Deputy Commissioner who is the invariable link with the State. He is to implement the policies in every branch of the District. The District Collectorate is further divided into various sections and every section has its head or in charge who works under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner:

  1. Confidential Section
  2. General Section- Certificate and Arms
  3. Law And Order
  4. District Supply
  5. Revenue
  6. Development Office
  7. District Establishment Section
  8. Legal Section Office
  9. District Social Security Cell
  10. District Nazarat
  11. District Welfare
  12. District Program
  13. District Land Acquisition Office
  14. District Election
  15. District Public Relation Office