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Notification Regarding Deoghar Airport.

Notification Regarding Deoghar Airport.

X, XI, displaced person list of rehabilitation and resettlement formats

  • Accepted letter No15,Dated- 22.02.2016(PDF 151 KB)
  • Mouza’s displaced personlist – Katia, Bhitia, Paharpur, Babupur, Asana and Singhpur Yogidih(PDF 3640 KB)
  • Mouza- AsanaRehabilitation and Restoration Formats(PDF 631 KB)
  • Mouza- BabupurRehabilitation and Restoration Formats(PDF 720 KB)
  • Mouza-Bhitia rehabilitationand restoration format (PDF 2917 KB)
  • Mouza-Katia rehabilitationand restoration format(PDF 1043 KB)
  • Mouza- Paharpurrehabilitation and restoration format (PDF 1290 KB)
  • Mouza-Singhpur YogidihRehabilitation and Restoration Format (PDF 488 KB)
  • RehabilitationandRestoration Formats(PDF 488 KB)

List of 6 New Mouza