Deoghar is the cultural capital of Jharkhand, it has a large mix of different cultures and people. There is a significant percentage of people who are Bengalis, Biharis and locals. There are also significant Gujarati, Punjabi and Tamil, Malayali, Telugu, Marwari Rajasthani communities who have been living in Deoghar for a long time.This diversity is also mirrored in the fact that there are a large number of languages spoken here.


The major and most celebrated fairs and festivals include Dipawali, Holi, Chhath, Dussehra or Durga Puja, Ramanavami,Eid ,Sarsawati Puja, Makar Sankranti etc. Due to presence of industries and mining activities Viskwakarma Puja is also one of the important festivals. Makar Sankranti fair also attracts lots of people.


Deoghar has a variety of foods and cuisines. The most known and common cuisine that are practically prepared in every household includes Roti (Chapati) or Phulka , Rice or Bhat, Dal, Sabzi and last but definitely not the least, Achar or Pickle. Dhuska and Vada is famous local fast food. Salty Dhuska ingredients are rice and urad dal. Ingredient of Vada is also urad dal. Different types of flowers and leaves are used as a vegetables like Bamboo shoot pakoras, Pampkin flower fried pakoras, Khukri or Mushroom sabzi etc. Khoya pedas and Khirmohan are famous dry sweets.