Expenditure Report of candidates from 13-Madhupur

Expenditure Report of candidates from 13-Madhupur
Sr. No Name of Candidate First Expenditure Report Second Expenditure Report Third Expenditure Report Abstract Statement Scrutiny Report Summary Report
1 GANGA NARAYAN RAY Download(191 kB) Download(207 kB) Download(199 kB) Download(2.41 MB) Download(425 kb) Download(263 KB)
2 RAJ PALIWAR Download(572 kB) Download(220 kB) Download(211 kB) Download(2.6 MB Download(413 kb
3 SANJAY KUMAR SINGH Download(178 kB) Download(191 kB) Download(201 kB) Download(2.42 MB) Download(443 kB)
4 SAHIM KHAN Download(375 kB) Download(177 kB) Download(194 kB) Download(2.53 MB) Doownload (431 KB)
5 HARE KRISHNA RAY Download(582 kB) Download(235 kB) Download(205 kB) Download (2.4 MB) Download (459 KB)
6 HAZI HUSAIN ANSARI Download(704 kB) Download(252 kB) Download(236 kB) Download(2.73 MB) Download(432 KB)
7 MD IQBAAL ANASRI Download(189 kB) Download(236 kB) Download(216 kB) Download(2.36 MB) Download(435 KB)
8 PANCHU RAWANI Download(217 kB) Download(234 kB) Download(234 kB) Download(2.34 MB) Download(437 KB)
9 POLICE MANDAL Download(194 kB) Download(204 kB) Download(220 kB) Download(2.46 MB) Download(441 KB)
10 RAGHUPATI PANDIT Download(186 kB) Download(189 kB) Download(177 kB) Download(2.51 MB) Download(429 kB)
11 VIJAY RAJ SOLANKI Download(189 kB) Download(225 kB) Download(207 kB) Download(2.35 MB) Download(426 kB)
12 SAHUD MIYA Download(220 kB) Download(229 kB) Download(204 kB) Download(2.47 MB) Download(429 kB)
13 BUDHDEV MURMU Download(184 kB) Download(154 kB) Download(225 kB) Download(2.41 MB) Download(431 kB)